Floating Doors


  • Works smoothly at rated pressure
  • Confirms continuous operation without faults
  • Is easy to install and maintain
  • Doors available in MS as well as in aluminium sections
  • User-friendly technology with assistance from Shavo for aligning and fitments
  • Minimum friction ensuring long life
  • All products conform to ARAI and other automobile standards
  • Suitable for luxury coach buses

The product has:

  • Optionally installed various levels of safety
  • Highest safety for door systems
  • Toughened glasses for lower risk
  • Top guide bearing made of Polymer to operate door noiselessly
  • Cylinder links on swivel bearing to avoid jamming of doors
  • Hinges made from bearing grade polymers
  • Special profile rubber gaskets to increase sealing efficiency
  • Built-in sensor in the rubber beading for safety
  • Infrared sensors for touch-free operations
  • Pneumatic cylinders that conform to ISO 15552 standard
  • Duly burnished SS piston rod
  • Aligning on a single rod to prevent misalignment of doors
  • Outer rubber gasket for external, positive sealing
  • Flapper with rubber gasket at bottom for positive sealing
  • Brush with rubber gasket on top for positive sealing
  • An attractive appearance